weekly musings // DEC 18 - DEC 24


+  i am by no means a big deal when it comes to books, but i signed up for netgalley recently to have the ability to read + review soon-to-be-published books. i have been gifted two e-books already + it is so exciting!  📚

+  i have been on a huge bacon burger kick lately. ratings, so far:
1-  dave + buster's bacon burger (the garlic aioli sauce w/ the bacon jam 😍 + thick slice of cheese. OMG.)
2-  outback's bacon burger (it was cooked to medium perfection with all the fixings.)
3-  jalapeño burger from regal theaters (the beef was very, very good! i did not get bacon since it cost extra. i didn't plan to get food, so when i saw the pepsi was $7, i silently decided an extra 99 cents for bacon wasn't worth it. because that made total sense at the time 🤷🏼‍♀️)
4-  BJ's guac bacon burger (the guac + the juicy burger were good!)
5-  eskimo joe's bacon burger (the burger itself was subpar, but the bacon was the best of all the burgers on the list. thick + crispy + seasoned so well!) 

+ i was talking to jared about how strange parasocial relationships are with celebrities + influencers. i find it so weird when people comment on their posts, like they know them. i realized the only time i actually comment on their posts if i am trying to win one of their giveaways. 😂

+  we saw aquaman in theaters on saturday afternoon. i give it a 3.7/5. i've said it before, but i'll say it again: matinee movies  >  evening movies 

+  i have been slowly working on my year-end blog recaps. these are my favorite posts to write! they will be published next weekend. 

+  jared used real eggnog to make an eggnog latte and it was 🔥

+  the boys + i spent all of wednesday night driving around wichita to look at christmas lights. i sipped a decaf americano + it is always one of my favorite annual traditions. 

+  my neighbor texted me at 7 o'clock on friday night (three days before christmas) to see if i wanted to go out for a quick shopping trip. we thought it was going to be crazy, but were pleasantly surprised to find it was decent. we bought makeup + only shopped for an hour, but it was still fun.


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