favorite books of 2023


+  PRAY CONFIDENTLY + CONSISTENTLY -- valerie woerner 

not to be dramatic, but this book changed my life. it jumpstarted something in me that had been suppressed for years. a big goal for 2023 was to pray more. not in a flippant, check-it-off-my-to-do-list type of goal, but to make prayer my default in the good times + the bad alike. this book helped open my eyes to that type of life + i am so grateful to have read it! 

+  CREATE ANYWAY -- ashlee gadd

i was picked to be on the launch team for this book. i have long followed ashlee's online creative endeavors + love her art. this book was surprising in that it was deeply rooted in faith. i thought it was going to be a big pep talk about how we need to make room to create, but it was much more than that. if you are a mom who loves Jesus + loves to create in some way, this book is a must read! 

+  DROWNING -- t.j. newman

newman's first book was on my favs list for 2022, and i was thrilled to read her second novel. just like her first book, the second does not disappoint! it was action packed + quite possibly my favorite of the two! 

+  AMERICAN GAUNTLET -- allie lewis

this book is proof that you don't need "smut" to have a stellar novel. this could be classified as a "sports romance" book. it's a combination of survivor + fear factor. there were swoon-filled moments, but again -- i did not have to look up chapters to skip or "spicy" scenes because it was a clean, well-written book! i love love loved this book! 


another book without smut + it was so stinking cute! i loved this book so, so much! 

+  STRANGELY BRIGHT -- joe rigney

one of my insta friends reviewed this book, so i added it to my TBR. during a consecration week with our church, i started listening to it on audio + WOW! it was such an enjoyable read. the premise of the book is: "how do christians enjoy the good things of the earth while still enjoying the Creator?" the author explores this subject with scripture + beautiful examples + i enjoyed every page! 

+  THE MYSTERY GUEST -- nita prose

this is a last-minute addition! if you had told me this book would make any list i made, i would have guessed it to be on a not-so-great list, due to my strong feelings about the first book in this series. but the mystery guest was PERFECT. 

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