H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  i marveled at all the twinkling lights. it is one of my favorite things about this time of year.

+  we had our work christmas party at dave + buster's. it was lots of fun + i had the best bacon burger!  

+  we celebrated christmas in oklahoma with my family. it was so fun to spend time together + make memories. 💚

+   jared + i went on a little day date while in oklahoma. we ate lunch at the famous eskimo joe's. (i am on a burger kick right now. EJ's was good, nothing spectacular. although the bacon they put on the burger was thick + crispy + i could have eaten 10 pieces, LOL.) we stopped by our favorite coffee shop in stillwater: balanced coffee co. i got the blackberry lavender latte + jared got the lavender vanilla latte. both were delish. then we went to walmart where i discovered a wordle board game and immediately threw it in our cart!

+  one word: EGGNOG 🤎

+  we celebrated christmas + it was a wonderful time. 

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-  bright lipstick  
-  observing advent
-  twinkling lights ✨
-  the bacon burger from D&B's  
-  five days off from work
-  planning for the new year 📝

   O B S E R V A T I O N S   

+  the Lord has really been working on my people pleasing tendencies this month. he is pulling up roots that have taken up too much space in my heart + mind for far too long. it has been a hard process, for sure. but i know what He is doing is for my benefit + for His glory. 

+  there comes a time when things will end, but it does not always mean it is a bad thing. i am about to step away from something that is not "bad", but i know i need to let it go in obedience to the Lord. 

  2 0 2 3  R E C A P S  

 best of 2023 🖤


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