april 2023 goals

the fact that i am posting this in mid-april should tell you how full the beginning of the month has been.

thankfully it has been full of all things spring+ fun:
-  easter, which is my fav holiday
-  spring blooms everywhere
-  iced coffees
-  80ΒΊ weather (praise)
-  shorts + sweatshirts

march came + went. we walked out of a season of intense spiritual warfare. not many believers will talk about this because not many believers can acknowledge the spiritual realm. we had to fight with prayers + speaking His promises to ourselves. we fought some of the worst spiritual warfare jared + i have known in our lives.

and i am here to say - our God is good. He is faithful. He can be trusted. He is our ever-present Help.

πŸ—“  on the calendar this month:
-  easter ✝️✨
-  my FIL's birthday dinner 
-  hair appointment 

✨  what i'm loving right now:
•  spring blooms 🌸
•  the pink lady drink from sonic

  revisiting my march goals-  
-  celebrate eight years of marriage. we spent the day in tulsa eating good food + drinking lots of coffee.   
-  journal each day in my hobonichi. yes. this is such a fun, daily habit. 
-  spring declutter (6 areas of our home).  i did half the areas. the rest i will work on in april.
-  publish march recap on the blog.  yes, read here.
-  read 3 books. yes! my favorite was create anyway.
-  april powersheets prep. done.
-  publish the march newsletter.  yes, read here

  april goals / tasks-  
•  study "holy week" leading up to easter ✝️    
•  journal each day in my hobonichi 
•  spring declutter (the remaining 3 areas of our home) 🏑
•  publish april recap on the blog
•  read 3 books πŸ“š
•  may powersheets prep
•  publish the april newsletter πŸ’• 


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