month in review / march 2023


  H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  spring blooms 🌸   

+  i woke up to a flat tire one morning, so i was able to work from home. it was a fun day at home with my boys. 🖤

+  i forgot to wear green on st. patrick's day. oops! 

+  i went to oklahoma for a few days to help my mom with tax season. 

+  jared + i celebrated eight years of marriage. 👰🏼‍♀️    

  B O O K S :  
-  create anyway -  20 stars ✨
-  the family game - 3 stars 

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
working from home  •  homemade maple cinnamon cortados  ☕️  •  fresh flowers on the table  •  waking up with the sun on saturday mornings to read + pray + study scripture  •  a snowy evening, curled up with a maple latte  •  SPRING BLOOMS! 🌸  •  my mom's homemade tacos  •  morning light   

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  what i thought was a daily habit practice was also pruning from the Lord. i cut out social media during the weeknight, but recently also cut out the weekends as well. it (finally) occurred to me that it was the Lord's way of pruning social media out of my life while at home. when the light bulb came on at this realization, i was + still am amazed at how He did it. i used to constantly be on my phone, mindlessly scrolling + scrolling until i looked up to see half the night was over. (i also don't do this perfectly yet. if i have a free saturday morning, i will open instagram, but only on my laptop.)

+  His love is in every detail. 
+  wings + rings  >  BWW 

+  sometimes you just need to sit on the front porch with your little brother + watch the sunset. 

+  we truly can pray about anything because our God really does care about the details. i had a frustrating situation at work with a report. in laymen's terms: i had to change how i process a report + it was going to take significantly longer with the new change. i was frustrated, to say the least. and then i prayed, "God, this is stupid. i know it is. but can- this is stupid. why am i praying about this. i know you could help, but it's literally so dumb to ask." an hour later, a small solution had been discovered. OKAY, GOD. it wasn't stupid or dumb. He cares. we just have to actually ask.


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