month in review // december 2022

  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+   our department moved to a different floor at work. i now have a window view!

+  we ate dinner + then got lattes at one of our favorite coffee shops + drove around to look at christmas lights. it's one of my favorite family traditions. 

+  we had christmas with my family in oklahoma. it was the most fun. lots of memories were made.   

+  jared really wanted to go look at the lights at botanica, so we got tickets + walked around with jackson.  

+  we celebrated christmas with family + it was wonderful.

+  i found my favorite flower - ranunculus - at TJs!

+  we didn't have a white christmas in the way i imagined, but we did have snow on the ground, so it was still technically a white christmas.    

  E N T E R T A I N M E N T :  
-  heaven + nature sing - hannah anderson 
-  come let us adore Him - paul david tripp   

-  knives out: glass onion 
-  the hunger games movies

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
twinkling christmas lights  •  gingerbread latte from milkfloat  •  christmas in oklahoma  •  slow mornings, sitting by the light of the christmas tree  •  a fun trip to trader joes with my boys  •  beautiful sunsets on my morning commute  •  game nights with friends  

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S:  

+  why is sour cream so good?

+  i have been choosing a word for the season for the past year, but i am letting winter just be winter. no preconceived notions, just seeking the Lord + praying for the year ahead.   

+  it's crazy how when you start to learn more about the Holy Spirit, how you notice where you can feel the Spirit (or something else entirely) wherever you go. we notice this in coffee shops, since we are frequent patrons of all the local spots. 

+  "every step away from the manger is a step toward the cross." [this advent book]


1.  lavender blackberry latte from coffee slingers. we talk about this coffee shop at least once a month, and we have only been there a handful of times. it is such great coffee + even better is the fact that it is a christian-owned shop.

2.   christmas in oklahoma. from the delicious food + coffee to the memories made at the table playing uno flip, it was such a fun trip. 

3.  "heaven and nature sing".  this advent book was beautiful. now i need to go read everything hannah anderson has written.  


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