22 happenings + lessons in 2022

+  in mid-january, i was introduced to wordle. not to sound dramatic, but this little game has been one of the highlights of my year. each morning, i grab a hot mug of coffee + my phone + play wordle. it has become such a integral part of my day that the boys will ask me what the wordle word was + how many tries it took me. (two of my most memorable solves: "chest" in 1 + "amber" (embarrassingly) in 5.) 🟩

-  the best habit i implemented this year was a weeknight practice of no social media. from the time i leave work until 8 am the next morning, i exchange scrolling for quality time with my boys or creating or reading, etc

+  jared + i paid for a vehicle in cash for the first time ever! πŸŽ‰

-  the practice of hygge is why the winter season is not one i dread anymore. i loved reading about this danish method of daily living. this way of life has spilled over into the warmer months of my year as well. these small, intentional moments bring peace to the chaos of the world around me. 

+  we bought more plants this year + we killed less plants this year. πŸͺ΄

-  recap to reflect + remember. i was thinking about how i record my days, and this is the conclusion i came to: i recap my days + the happenings of my life to reflect on past memories + remember His faithfulness in my life.

+  i read 42 books this year! i saved thousands of dollars by utilizing our local library. we also discovered free little libraries this year. it was a good year for books. πŸ“š

-  matinee movies  >  opening night movies  

+  we decluttered every inch of our home + had a massive garage sale. 

-  i really focused on walking with the Spirit this year. for so long, i didn't understand what it meant to walk with the Spirit. i knew He dwelled in me, but it became something i truly acknowledged this year. it changed me, and not in the way i expected. i became sensitive to certain situations. ✨

+  we celebrated seven years of marriage. 

-  Jesus can redeem the broken parts of your life; you just have to let Him.

+  the roses at botanica were so beautiful this summer. jared + i both agree they are our favorites, over the tulips. 🌹 

-  "everything is necessary that He sends; nothing could be necessary that He withholds." [john newton]

+  jared began homeschooling jackson. it has been a huge blessing for our family. 

-  "hope is not just mere, even if it is meager." - rings of power (the best tv show of 2022!) 🧝🏻‍♀️

+  one of my favorite activities we did during the summer + autumn months was fishing dates. the boys would fish, while i would hang out at a picnic table, writing + reading + working a crossword puzzle + journaling while sipping an iced chai. it was the simplest of abundances. 

-  "what is good + true + beautiful?" - phylicia masonheimer 

+  lots of great memories in our neighborhood, from swimming to the fourth of july to halloween.  πŸŽƒπŸŽ‡

-  i am a pen + paper girl [more specifically: a bullet journal], but the digital task reminder app has been a lifesaver this year! when i need to remember a random task, i just add it with a time + date for the reminder. simple but so useful! ✔️

+  in our comings + goings, the Lord was so faithful. as we navigated this year with all the changes to our life, He provided in so many ways (from a large bonus to a refund check that covered jackson's new winter coat!) jehovah jireh.

-  "the answer is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances."  [elizabeth elliott] 


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