weekly musings: oct 31 - nov 6

+  jackson dressed up as a ninja for halloween. 🥷🏼 our annual halloween tradition is to walk the neighborhood with our neighbors (who are also family). we chat + sip coffee while our boys trick-or-treat. it always leaves me grateful for how God made a way for us to buy our home so we could have a community of believers right in our backyard. 


+  i met the boys for a long lunch after an appointment. we sipped lattes + then made our way to the election office to vote. it was a nice break in the middle of my workday.

+  we tried out a new coffee shop - aroma coffeehouse - on friday night. it has the best vibes + the cinnamon chai latte i drank was delicious!

+  and the next afternoon, we tried out coffee daze in college hill. loved this one! ☕️

+  if politicians actually did the duties we elect them to do, it would not be dark at what feels like 3pm now. how is it hard to pass this into law? why is there no accountability for elected officials? maybe i just need to go to bed. 

+ we put up our christmas tree this weekend! the floral tree is back 🌸🎄✨


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