weekly musings: oct 3 - oct 9


+  i am finishing up my study of 2 peter. in chapter two, verse sixteen, peter is referencing balaam. as i read the story of the talking donkey, it struck me: i have read this countless times before, but i did not even notice balaam's initial reaction to the talking donkey; he just starts talking right back! like, what the what? if a donkey i was riding started talking, i would promptly freak out + have some follow-up questions.

+  i finished reading, carrie soto is back. this book was good! my favorite will always be daisy jones & the six, but i throughly enjoyed this one. carrie soto isn't the most likable character, but TJR's writing is just so good! i give it 4.5 stars. (here is my goodreads review.)

+  during our church's week of consecration last month, i felt a nudge to delete all my true crime podcasts. i wasn't listening to them as frequently as i used to, but it was the right move. i know everyone has been watch the new dahmer series on netflix, but i get such bad vibes about it, so i'm steering clear.

+  we slept with the windows open most nights this week. it was glorious!

+  we took a short trip to oklahoma over the weekend. it was fun to see my family, even if it was just for short time.


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