weekly musings // 0024


+  i shared my new obsession in last week's musings post. it is still going strong! i love wordle

+  books i started reading this week:  lagom + admission

+  i shared some words about what God did for me this week. i am purposely being vague about the situation because it involves my job. but i cannot stifle my praise. He showed up in very specific ways this week that i cannot deny. it has left me in a puddle of tears every time i think about it.

+  i shared a mini book review on the blog this week. i plan to do this with all my five-star reads. i realized i am not the best at recapping a book, so this is just another way for me to practice my comprehension skills. (and take pretty photos of books, lol). i also had the idea to add ratings to my reviews. so many times, i am excited to read a book only the discover it's laden with profanity + sex + propaganda. i wish all books had these kinds of ratings. 

+  jackson: “mommy, this parme-john cheese is good!” 

+  i was asked to be a bridesmaid this week. of course i said yes! 

+  jared + i tested positive for covid over the weekend. he has a lot of congestion, whereas i have severe body aches + a high fever. i have taken more hot baths in forty-eight hours than i have in the last decade. it's the only way to find relief aside from ibuprofen. but! we are on the mend. 

+  we finally took the christmas tree down this week. (our first year of marriage, the tree stayed up through february!)


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