book review: the lola quartet


[five stars]

>>  mini review:  this book follows gavin as he navigates his career in the slowly-dying newspaper industry while learning from his sister that he may have a child he didn’t know about with his high school girlfriend. there are glimpses into the lives of his high school friends, who all played in the jazz band, the lola quartet.

>>  what i liked:  mandel’s writing style + the character,  eilo 

>>  what i didn't like:  the ending felt a little . . . meh. it wasn’t bad (i gave it five stars!) but i just wanted . . . more.

>>  you might like this book if: you love jazz or have enjoyed emily’s writing

>>  this book may not be for you if:  you dislike music, florida, and/or flawed characters. 

>>  read this if you liked:  anything by emily. her writing style of so delightful!

ratings- (1-5, 1: mild/casually mentioned,  5: extreme)
language: 1
sex: none
violence: 1
drugs/drinking: 1 

“there was a plastic shopping bag duct-taped to the underside of the stroller. it held a little under one hundred eighteen thousand dollars in cash.”

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