weekly musings // 0016


-  i am reading a book about the art of hygge + it is so fascinating! we are incorporating some of the practices in our everyday life. i am trying to slow down more, but in very specific ways. not rushing to get to get things completed or hurrying from one place to the next.

-  thanksgiving leftovers > all other types of leftovers

-  i have been wearing these fake nails (in black, obviously) since i had five days off. they're fun, but also hard to deal with at times. haha!

-  we traveled to oklahoma for thanksgiving. it was so great to see my family. we played rummikub + ate delicious food.

-  i read "i hope this finds you well" in one sitting this weekend. (it's a very small book.) i wanted to enjoy this book of erasure poems, but it was just dripping with secular viewpoints + wasn't my cup of tea. i love the premise, but it was just not for me. i am really wanting to get into poetry, but i'm having a hard time figuring out where to start.

-  the sooners may have lost, but the weekend was still victorious because i finally beat my BIL in rummikub! lol. (and don't get me started on the sooners' coaching situation. i went on a twitter spree about it all.) 

-  we have half of our christmas shopping complete + it's not even december yet. normally we finish on december 23rd, so this is kind of a big deal.

-  my winter coat is on major sale right now! if you are looking for a new coat, this is a great option.

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