life + such.

i'm cozied up in my bed, drinking a hot mug of coffee right now. 
it's saturday morning. no plans for the day.
jared has been sick all week. [not the 'rona.].
it has been a good week though. 
i have been digging into the Word a lot lately.
it is my sustenance in this season. 

i looked at the last post i wrote on this blog- the end of april.
it feels like a lifetime ago. 
i was still working from home.
jared was still furloughed.
my grandma was still alive.

i was scrolling though my phone recently to give jared a phone number.
i realized my grandma's phone number is still in my contacts.
i can't bring myself to delete it. not right now.

life has been . . . i don't even know.
the last seven months have been strange. humbling. slightly scary at times. 
but i can still see Beauty sprinkled throughout it all.

i went back to work last month. it was a smooth transition. 
i'm grateful to have a job. 
and i still can't believe this is the view from my cubicle.

though i haven't written here or posted a lot on the socials lately, 
i have been documenting life on a private insta + a private blog. 
it has been one of the best ideas i've had this year.
no one will ever read those words or see the everyday photos. just me.
a way to remember the good + the hard + the in-betweens of life right now.

the internet is so loud right now.
i have unfollowed + muted a lot.
i try to take short breaks each week.
living life untethered from my phone is vital.

i have also been journaling a lot lately.
this practice has also been a great addition to my daily life.

the amount of audiobooks i have been reading is wild, at least for me.
in june, i read five audiobooks. [yes- it is reading.]
eleven days into july, and i've already finished three.
i track all of my books here on goodreads.

jackson turned three at the end of june.
he is wild + strong-willed + hilarious.
we enrolled him in a christian preschool.
i have to surrender this plan to the Lord on a daily basis.
while i would love to stay home with him, it's not possible.
at least- right now. and maybe never.
and i have to ask [daily, hourly, sometimes moment by moment] for peace.
what i know from the past is His faithfulness in every situation, regardless of the outcome. 

i stumbled upon this chocolate chip mug cake + it is heavenly.
cooking + baking have been fun lately. 
i am always on the hunt for something new to try.

well . . . now i'm off to relax for the day.
jared is finally feeling better, but not enough for us to get out today.
i'm fine with that though. rest is much needed after this week.

ok- bye.


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