wheel of fortune + chocolate cake in a mug

-  my girl, phylicia masonheimer, launched her podcast (VERITY) + i am so, so thankful for it! her teaching goes beyond surface-level faith + fluff + challenges us to go deeper with God. i am also on her book launch team and GUYS. buy the book. i am reading through it now, and i cannot tell you how it has already changed me. i don't say that in a flippant way. she is not pretentious about what she believes + backs everything up with scripture. she is the real deal.

-  we purchased an antenna to watch the super bowl, and we get local channels now. i have no shame in admitting that i get so much joy out of watching wheel of fortune.

-  i recently started researching alternative essential oil brands. i found two non-MLM companies that have great reviews + quality products: plant therapy + edens garden. i plan to place an order from each company, so i will report back with my findings.

-  i have worked in the accounting field for over fifteen years. this parody video is so, so good. (because it's true!)

- kendra shared a recipe from the pioneer woman for a chocolate cake in a mug. GAH. i have made so many of these in two days that it's borderline ridiculous. [side note: i subbed the vegetable oil with avocado oil + the semi-sweet chocolate chips for mini dark chocolate chips, and it tastes divine.]

- i saw rachel writing with these pens and i bought some for myself. they are delightful.

- "hot takes seem to collect an echo chamber of people who think (and probably look) just like i do. they will stand around and applaud and i'll feel really popular and affirmed. this is not my calling." [lisa hensley]  //  she posted this on tuesday- a couple days after the super bowl, and it is spot on. we don't need another think piece from another christian woman about j-lo + shakira. we (yes- even me) are often so ready to tell the world what we're against that we don't take the time to just sit back + listen.

-  i found the prettiest floral shoes (in the photo above) at dollar general for only five dollars. that store is kryptonite on our budget. they have puzzles (also in the photo above) for a dollar! how can i resist?


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