currently // february 2020

reading  //  "stop calling me beautiful" by phylicia masonheimer.

watching  //  bones. i love this show so much!

listening  //  two new favorite podcasts:  the RAD podcast + the newsworthy 

loving  //  having the flu on valentine's day. i bet my husband finds me so attractive.

enjoying  //  intentional rest. a full day of sabbath is hard in this season, but taking little bits works well.

anticipating  //  spriiiiiiing.

drinking  //  the harvest blend tea from TJs with honey.

eating  //  all the sweet potatoes.

making me happy:  this $10 men's sweatshirt from walmart, cashew butter, a lemon cookie scented candle from trader joe's, puzzles, floral shoes from the dollar general, wheel of fortune, chocolate cake in a mug, the snow we had earlier this week, cozy blankets, snow boots, waterproof eye liner. these new pens.


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