newsletters + snow + a new tradition

-  we started the week with snow. i usually hate it with a fierce passion, but this time was different. it made me giddy, even . . . happy. i don't know why because i had to drive in all that mess to work.

-  jared + i started a tradition this week. date night + christmas shopping for jackson + coffee. our life has been so dang busy lately. we needed a night to ourselves, and it was lovely.

-  my department at work met at red rock canyon grill for our christmas party this week. it's still crazy that i've been back at the credit union for a year now.

-  i have been working on my yearly recap post recently. normally i would list a few happenings from each month, but for this year, it's just a big list of things that happened. i also have a book recap post in the works. and now i'm trying to decide if i want to write another post similar to this 'best of' post that emily wrote?

- someone on insta mentioned vogue's what's in my bag vlog series with celebs, and i spent wayyyy too much time watching those videos this week. i didn't really care about the celebs in the videos, but it was so interesting to see what other people carry in their purses. i actually carry a backpack with my purse inside. it might seems weird, but there's a method to the madness.

-  this cat in a santa hat had me rolling with laughter.

-  i really love getting newsletters in my inbox. i'm very picky about who i will subscribe to, but here are a few of my favs:
     »  erin moon (she has a thread on each one where we can share our favorite things, and it gives me so much joy!)
     »  rachael a. dawson (she always has wonderful reccs - especially books!)
     »  indiana adams (i can't stop talking about her new podcast on the blog lately. i just love it so much!)

-  i discovered this granola at target, + i'm already on my second bag, guys. it's almost too  good.

-  finally- i just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads these posts/this blog. i really enjoy recapping each week + sharing my finds + thoughts. i have lots of new ideas i am working on for this space. (hello, makeover!) so, thank you for reading. it means so much.


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