weekly musings || 3.10

//  i have debated on bringing weekly musings back to wildbloom. it was my favorite post to write for the longest time. maybe it will make a comeback or maybe not.

//  i've started my fourth bullet journal. i'm sharing all about it on the blog next week.

//  baby boy finally has a name! i'm going to wait until after he's born to share it online. ohhh, the suspense!

//  if you've been a long-time reader, you know my love for the transformers movies. my due date is june 22nd. the premiere of the fifth movie is june 23rd. figures.

//  please tell me you've watched this video of the pregnant woman imitating april the giraffe?! so funny!

//  i woke up wednesday morning to find tyler sleeping in the bathtub.

//  jared + i celebrate two years of marriage this month! i can hardly believe it.

//  I WANT THIS RIGHT NOW. sorry for screaming, but #gilmoregirlsforever.

//  i am so thankful that i work at a job where - as soon as i get to work - i can take my shoes off.

//  my sentiments exactly.

//  i ate a red velvet donut recently, and my life was changed forever.

//  i have watched this video way too many times to count.

//  i'm on cold #2 in three weeks. pregnancy has shot my immune system, but it's worth it.


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