weird pregnancy symptoms.

i have survived the first trimester of pregnancy, y'all! of course, i will admit that i've had it easy. like really easy. slight nausea, but only for two weeks. but the exhaustion - it's still here. i'll probably be tired for the next eighteen years.

this is my first pregnancy, so i wanted to share all the odd things no one ever told me to expect when i was expecting. [in true first-time mom fashion, i bought that book the day after i found out i was pregnant only to discover that i didn't really need it.]


i started having cramps around week three. now i obviously didn't know i was pregnant at the time, and i started to worry if i had another cyst again. i ignored it for a few weeks, only to find out later that the cramps were due to growing a baby! they went away after ten weeks though.


around the time i found out i was pregnant, i would wake up with a stuffy nose, and it would continue throughout most of the morning. i thought i was getting a cold, but turns out- it was pregnancy-related. weird. i also feel like i've sneezed more in the last twelve weeks than i have the entire year. [no joke, i literally sneezed while typing that sentence!]


when i found out i was pregnant, i did what any first-time mother does: searched the internet for all the things. a lot of articles related to the first trimester mentioned food aversions, and i didn't really understand. but then i did. big time. jared would mention something for dinner - foods we've had several times - and all i would want to do is vomit at the mention of it. gross. it lasted through eleven weeks.


for three weeks, i had to wear my jeans folded over because i was so bloated. someone thought it was a baby bump, and i'm all: NO. i'm only six weeks, ya dumb. i'm just bloated. i bought maternity pants and almost cried because they are amazing, which leads me to my next symptom...


i am an emotional person when i'm not pregnant. not in the crazy sense, but a good tear-jerker gets me every single time. pregnant amber is an emotional hot mess. like when i see other babies or when jared makes me smile because he knows i've had a crazy day or puppies or amazing maternity pants or getting a baked potato or.... you get the idea. it's comical- most of the time. i thought jared ate my rice once. RAGE FLOODED EVERY OUNCE OF MY BODY. he pointed to the other bag, where the rice was safe and sound. oops. sorry, babe!


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