Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BLOGTEMBER | day twenty-eight

HUSBAND  //  life is crazy + beautiful + messy. but with him by my side, it's crazy-beautiful in the mess.

COFFEE  //  whether we are hanging out at home or chillin' with friends or on our way to church or having a date night, coffee is always involved at some point. after jared + i ate dinner on our first date, we spent two hours talking over lattes about life + all the things. coffee is special + delicious + awesome, among other reasons. [insert poop emoji.]

WILD WORSHIP  // twenty-sixteen was deemed the year of wild worship for me. what started out as a twelve-month endeavor has turned in to a lifestyle. worship isn't just something i do on sundays when the praise band is on stage. it's seeking God + giving Him glory in each day, each moment.

BLOOMS  //  florals make something inside of me come alive. i am constantly on the lookout for these magical petals throughout my daily life. God has used flowers over and over again in the last several years to teach + speak to me.

MILO BEAN  // this puppy, y'all. he has brought so much joy to our lives. he is goofy + playful + a constant source of entertainment. and that face - he is our forever puppy. and we love him so much!


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