april twenty-sixteen goals.

celebrate at my best friend's wedding!  okay, guys. this isn't really a goal, but i'm just SO excited! riz and i spent many friday nights talking and crying and wishing and dreaming of marriage. and here we are: me, celebrating one year of marriage; her, getting married. and now flow all the happy tears from my freshly-applied mascara.

april powersheets + refresh.  while starting the year out with goals is great, sometimes they change. and that is totally okay! i want to look back and see what goals need some tweaking and what goals were a little too ambitious for this season.

read one book.  it's such a lofty goal. can i accomplish such a task? only time will tell.

april is going to be a busy month all around - life, work, etc. i am excited for new adventures + experiences + all the things. but i am consciously making an effort to be in those moments -- not just waiting for the next thing, which robs me of those present joys. whether it's drinking my coffee at my desk or folding laundry or driving to work or hanging out at home with jared - i want to be all there. all in.


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