Wednesday, April 1, 2015

C U R R E N T L Y // A P R I L

EXPLORING:  this new city of mine! i am starting to become more familiar with wichita and all its places and spaces. it is so awesome to be able to go to a store/shop when i want instead of driving thirty minutes to an hour just to get starbucks or browse the aisles of target. [#smalltowngirlprobs] it's still a little crazy that i am a resident of kansas. but my heart is here and he is quite amazing.

SIPPING:  a salted caramel iced coffee with a double shot of espresso.

READING:  all the blogs. with all the craziness of moving and eloping, i haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs and social media posts.

WATCHING:  gilmore girls and movies on netflix. jared and i watched interstellar last night and it was so interesting! he also got me hooked on 'rules of engagement' and 'better off ted'.

WRITING:  our love story, our engagement story, and our elopement story. ahhhhhhh! i know everyone is eager to hear all the details. when life slows down, i'll get it all posted on the blog.

ANTICIPATING:  finding a job. i turned in my application to a bank, so i'm praying for an interview soon. if you live in wichita and know of an opening somewhere, holla atcha girl.

LEARNING:  i just moved to a new city/state and got married, so i'm learning a new life. HA! i had two major life changes in one weekend. but i'm getting into a groove now. i'm just taking it one day at a time. [i also just learned how to make espresso shots because, ya know - priorities.]

PLANNING:  a trip back to oklahoma. our reception. fun weekend plans. the decor for our home.

ENJOYING:  married life. [typing that is still crazy to me!] it is so wonderful and fun and exciting. i have to pinch myself to make sure this isn't all a dream. it's still a little surreal to both of us. i love waking up to find him by my side. or greeting him when he gets home from work. we bought groceries for the first time, and it was so fun. it's the little things.

MAKING ME HAPPY:  my husband. technology to keep me connected to those back in oklahoma. God's love. coffee. spring flowers. all the sweet comments from our friends and family.

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