weekly musings.

- i tried my hand at double exposure on my instax camera. [above]

- i bought a sweater at target and then proceeded to order three more. i want to live in them the rest of my life. i bought it one size bigger than i normally wear to have that cozy, slouchy look. [amber rocks it beautifully here.]

- "start a fire" by unspoken is my jam right now.

- my thirteen-year-old cousin had no idea what a phone book was until my grandma showed him. he thought it was the best idea. ha!

- good ol' oklahoma. eighties one day, teens the next.

- this photo gives me all the happy, giddy feels in the world. #OTHforevah

- it is hard for me to get on board with positive thinking movements because they are often rooted in 'self' rather than Jesus.

- i wish women would want to break the internet with kindness and love, not their naked bodies.

- i had a dream that taylor swift took a selfie with me. when i woke up to find it not true, i'm not gonna lie - i was kinda bummed.

- i will never be too old to drink chocolate milk.

- how is thanksgiving less than two weeks away?!

- the she reads truth: hymns plan is one of my favorites.

- do you have snapchat? i realize i'm not 17, but all my youth group girls keep in touch with me that way, so if you want - add me! joyfulamber

- in case you missed it, i wrote a vulnerable and raw post about surrender and singleness HERE.


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