the weekend four.

- she reads truth: nehemiah packet.  today starts the SRT nehemiah plan. i am so happy the ladies released a study pack including a journal because i am a chronic note taker. i write down everything, especially when studying scripture.

- OKC thunder. win or lose, i'm still a fan.

- that oklahoma sky.  as i was mowing, i looked up and noticed the sky was the most vibrant blue i have ever seen. the clouds were at their best, looking like puffs of cotton candy. i know everyone thinks their state has the best skies, but in my opinion, oklahoma's takes the cake.

- iced coffee.  my mama surprised me saturday morning with a delicious vanilla iced coffee. [she's pretty rad.] i plopped myself down on the couch and went through a lesson of the blog life course. there is so much information packed into each lesson. it's one of those things where i can go back and re-read it and learn something new & get fresh perspective and inspiration. money well spent if you ask me.


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