pinecone jewels.

there are a handful of people who have left a lasting impression during my short time here on earth. i am different because of them. their influence shaped me as a person, a woman and a follower of Christ. one of those people was my grandma gracie. she was so gentle and kind. she never met a stranger. she let you know she loved Jesus and you as well. i don't ever remember her being mad or without a smile on her face or a camera in hand.

five days before my thirteenth birthday, she went to be with Jesus. she not only made a difference in my life, but in the lives of everyone she met. there was not one open seat at her funeral. in fact, there were people standing along the aisles, in the hallways, and in the kitchen. hundreds of people filled our little church to remember the most wonderful woman i have ever known. 

even though she's been gone for over a decade, there are pieces of her everywhere i look. i see her in my daddy - he has her kind and gentle nature. i see her in shades of purple - it was her favorite color, as well as mine. and i see her in nature - she planted a few trees on our land. when i walk by her sunday school classroom at church, i remember learning the books of the bible and singing songs.

if you follow me on instagram, you know about the pinecone tree. grandma gracie lived next door to us. she planted a pinecone tree next to her house many years ago. i never really gave it much thought until i started getting serious about photography. now it's one of the largest trees on our property and a sweet reminder of the most godly woman i have ever known. her middle name was jewel, so i fittingly made the hashtag #pineconejewels.


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