Friday, March 14, 2014


- when my grandma gracie died many years ago, she left me her bible, her jewelry, and that camera i'm holding in the picture above.

- tax season will be over one month from tomorrow!

- the number of times i have watched the new transformers trailer is ridiculous.

- warmer weather + spring daffodils = happy heart.

- dear red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting: me love you long time.

- the extra hours of daylight make up for the hour of sleep i lost.

- the wind in oklahoma was so fierce earlier this week that it ripped part of our siding off the house.

- i took off work yesterday and went with my brother to OKC. i cherish those brother/sister moments so much.

- people call protective mothers 'mama bears'. well i'm a 'sister bear'. a salesman was so rude to my brother. i kindly but firmly stepped in.

- cheesy joke of the day: what do you call a bear with no teeth? a gummy bear.

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