Monday, March 17, 2014

beautiful nature.

photography is part of who i am. it is a passion felt deep within my soul. my camera is like an extra appendage of my body. every fiber of my being dances with excitement and wonder when i am exploring and capturing God's beautiful nature. [hence the title of the book.]

it nice to have my work displayed on the blog and social media sites, but i wanted a tangible way to preserve my art. so i created a book of my favorite iphoneography images via artifact uprising app. i linked my instagram feed and finished the book in less than thirty minutes. when the book arrived in the mail, a dream pushed to the back of my mind stirred in my heart again. i've been dreamin' this dream for quite some time. 

i want to publish a photography book.

[typing that and knowing the whole world (okay, maybe twenty people) will see it gives me anxiety. maybe because i don't actually think it would ever happen or because i want it to happen so desperately.]

i've been struggling with my purpose in this life lately. the why, the how, the when. i want to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. as a follower of Christ, my purpose is to spread the Gospel. it isn't glorification of self or accomplishments or success, but to bring glory to the Lord. i don't want to waste my life on things that don't matter or pursue fleshly desires. i just want Jesus. i want others to know of His redeeming Love. one way i can do this is by sharing my story, photographing His beauty and sharing it with the world. even in this scary, messy world we live in today, there is still beauty to be found, whether that be in quiet, humble places or extravagant works only His hand could create.

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