Thursday, December 19, 2013

small town fashionista.

 t-shirt: blue seven (design by bombs away art) //  jewelry: forever 21

if y'all haven't noticed, i'm all about series on this little blog. (grammar tip of the day: the plural of series is series.) i collect remnants from my daily life, make happy lists, explore God's beautiful nature, and write about what i'm currently up to in life. well - shocker - i am starting yet another series. something along the lines of a photo-a-week of myself coupled with my latest fashion must-haves. i have yet to think of a catchy title phrase because christmas is here, and it's the most wonderful time of the year. spittin' rhymes up in this joint, yo.

i originally planned to start this after the new year, but that's cliche. plus, i bought this rad tee from blue seven and couldn't wait to show it off. the packaging was just as awesome as the tee. i'm a sucker for great packaging, especially when it's so pretty that i don't want to open it. a company that not only puts thought into their product, but how an item arrives speaks volumes to me. 

one final thought: when i sat down to look at these pictures, i laughed. notice how i'm not centered in any of the photos? yeah, that wasn't on purpose. i'm still learning to whole camera/remote/where-to-stand part. but hey, perfection is boring. and my hair looks great.

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