collected remnants.

- transformers box. i was just as excited to have the box as well as the mug.

- gold & white washi tape. it came on shayla's adorable christmas card.

- birchbox envelope. the hair tie and berry-colored lip crayon included in this box made me do a happy dance.

- ribbon. every year, one of daddy's tire companies sends him a huge box of assorted chocolates. we always open the box as a family.

- instax of a snowy day. there's something about the peace that snow brings to nature. the stillness is captivating.

- merona boot tag. i bought the best pair of ankle boots at target. i've wore them every day since.

- forever 21 ring tag. i decided to give midi rings a try. verdict: i'm a fan. it gives a little edge to my style.

- starbucks breakfast wrapper. i can't explain the heavenly goodness that their bacon, egg, & gouda sandwich. it's cosmic.

- not-sure-what-that-round-object-is-called. but i found it on the floor of the car shop, and it reminds me of a funny, rainy night with the boys.

- sucker wrapper. the best sucker of all time: candy cane tootsie pops. i'm on my fourth bag of the christmas season. no shame, people.

- tracking slip. my kids and i made christmas cards for the soldiers and sent them to the red cross to be distributed to our heroes.

- blue seven tag. i bought the best t-shirt ever. it's making an appearance on the blog tomorrow.

- pinecone & garland. it's no secret i'm obsessed with pinecones. and a white one with glitter? let's just say i'm happy it broke off the garland.

- coffee k-cups. ahhh, coffee. how i love thee.

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