JUNE 2024


  H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  jared turned 40! we celebrated him with dinner + family time. 💙

+  we had a family date night that started with our favorite burritos from the mexican restaurant down the street. we ventured over to swig 🥤 to get fun drinks, which were refreshing + surprisingly cheap. and then we finished the evening with swimming. it was a delight. 

+  the boys + i strolled around botanica during one of my lunch breaks. 🌺

+  we had our girl’s twenty week anatomy scan + all is well with her. thank You, Jesus! 

+ jackson turned 7! 🎉

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-  one by one - 3 stars 🎧
-  the last one - 5 stars!!!

-  baby kicks 🤰🏼
-  swig 🥤
-  swim nights 👙
-  summer reading 📖 
-  fireflies ✨
-  desserts 🍨 

   O B S E R V A T I O N S   

-  it is not up to me to manage the emotions of others. 

-  if you are the person who “has no filter”, you actually just have no self control. spewing words without remorse or regard for others is not a cute personality quirk not a fruit of the spirit. 

- “nostalgia is the ghost of gratitude.” literally had to stop reading this post to write that in my journal. how beautiful! 


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