2024: JUNE 3 - JUNE 9



every quarter, our church observes a corporate consecration week. most do a biblical fast from food, but since i’m pregnant, i chose social media. i always find clarity when i do this. it is such a beneficial practice for me! 

something i also started doing when i found out i was pregnant was a social media break on sundays, since that is the day my weeks change for baby girl. it allows me to give the full day to the Lord, which was especially helpful during the first trimester. 

•  20 WEEKS! 

i am already halfway through this pregnancy + ohhhhh it has me emotional. i remember the early days when i  was celebrating making it to each week (i still do that!). during a difficult day, jared sweetly told me how when i made it to 20 weeks, i would remember those days + the faithfulness of the Lord. he was right! 


i randomly saw a snippet of someone talking about this book on tiktok recently. i was browsing my kindle app + it caught my eye, so i started reading the provided sample. it had me hooked immediately, so i downloaded it + proceeded to finish it in two days. i don’t want to give too much away, but it was intense + a fun read to start the summer! 

and the last page 🤯🤯🤯


- the boys + i visited the new swig shop. all three of us liked our drinks + they only totaled $10! we might become frequent visitors 😂
- family swim nights 👙
- if i am sitting a certain way, you can feel baby girl’s kicks on the outside now. 😭🤰🏼
- the boys + i strolled around botanica during my lunch break on friday. 🌺


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