2024: APRIL 15 - APRIL 21


i shared the joyful news of our miracle pregnancy this week. i am so happy that everyone knows now. i have known for nearly two months, and in some ways, it was a hard secret to keep and in other ways, it wasn’t. 

this is also why my weekly musings posts were short + sweet or nonexistent. i have had exactly zero energy to keep up with anything other than work + my boys + church. 

my symptoms have been worse with this pregnancy compared to jackson’s, but it still isn’t what i would consider “bad”. i had nausea for about three weeks and now it only comes in the evenings for a little bit. i had several migraines in the first weeks, and after some trial + error, caffeine was the culprit. so i have not had coffee for over a month + i just need someone to feel sorry for me. 😂

the worst symptom - by far! - is the exhaustion. oh my goodness! there have been several times where i have almost fallen asleep at my desk. i come home from work and just lay in bed for hours. it’s said that these symptoms will ease up in the second trimester, so we shall see. 

as of today, i am 13 weeks! i am due at the end of october. we are having a GIRL! 💜

this is the longest pregnancy i have had since jackson. all praise + glory to the Lord!! He has sustained me + the baby this whole time. i will be sharing the story of how we got to this place soon, because i cannot wait to show what the Lord has done.  

as you can imagine, this has not just been difficult physically, but mentally + spiritually. each day has been a fight, but each day, i wake up and thank God for another day with our baby. we stepped into this with full faith that He could work a miracle + He is doing just that. 

jared + i have said from the beginning that our biggest prayer (outside of a healthy baby, of course) is that others will see our faith + will see that our God still does miracles. and that this will increase their faith and show that He is more than able to do whatever we ask. it doesn’t even have to be a baby; it could be a job, a spouse, whatever. we hope that others can be encouraged to seek the Lord + trust that He can do the impossible. 


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