2024: JAN 15 - JAN 21


+  i had monday off work for MLK day. it was a day spent in bed, but not because i was lazy. early that morning, i was stepping down to our back room + my feet went out from under me so fast i barely registered falling to the ground. and i fell hard. the bruise on my lower back is so dramatic, but maybe not -- considering how hard i fell. my entire body was sore. 

+  jackson: “mommy, it’s 3° with a windshield of -15!” 😂❄️

+  “preferences are not law + experiences are not universal.”  // phylicia masonheimer was discussing bible translations on her IG this week, and it was such a good topic! if you had asked me about bible translations two years ago, i would proudly tell you my preference, with much disdain for the other ones. but by the grace of God, i have learned it is not a flex to be prideful about something that is not even a third-tier issue. (unless it's the TPT translation -- that one is not good + there is good evidence to back it up.) 

+  GO CHIEFS! ❤️💛


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