2024: JAN 1 - JAN 7



•  we rang in the new year with our church. as the clock struck midnight, we were praising + they shot off confetti canons. it was truly wonderful -- to be with our friends + praising the Lord. it was a lovely start to the new year. 

•  on new year's day, we grabbed a latte + donuts at sugar llamas. we got the blueberry pancake donuts + ohhhhhh my goodness. they were very good! (and sugary, LOL).

•  i cracked open my fresh 2024 hobonichi life journal. i journaled each day of last year in my 2023 hobonichi, so i plan to continue this daily habit. it is fun to have a whole journal filled with memories + mementos. 💛

•  we had the first friday evening coffee ™ of the new year! this is just my silly little way to romanticize small parts of my life. i also drink coffee on saturday nights, but friday just feels extra special. (not on other weekdays - because then i would not sleep, LOL.) 

•  i finished my first book of the year + it was a 5-star read! afraid of all the things was like a balm to my anxious mind. it was beautiful, witty, + filled with biblical truths. i teared up several times because her words were just what i needed to hear. 

•  i turned on the steelers/ravens game + jackson said, “oh, the bayhawks are losing!” they’re the ravens. 😂😂😂

•  i stumbled across a tiktok of a maine coon cat + now i want one! 

•  we had our first snow of the new year + while my morning commute was not great, it was so beautiful to watch from my cubicle. ❄️

•  sunday marks two years of playing my favorite game ever: wordle 💚


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