weekly musings // NOV 20 - NOV 26

+  after a six-month hiatus, weekly musings are back! 🎉

+  we got the first snow of the winter season this week! i was so excited because it finally snowed when i wasn't at work + i cuddled up in bed with coffee + put on this youtube video while i blogged + read + brainstormed ideas for the coming year. we ended up getting close to 8 inches! ❄️

+  i had a four-day weekend for the thanksgiving holiday. we visited my family in oklahoma + had a couple thanksgiving meals with family in wichita over the weekend. we have a lot to be grateful for + my heart is full.

+  i have lived in this cozy cardigan alllllll weekend. 

+  i have been in such a reading rut lately. it's not such a bad thing though because i have been catching up on a few tv shows:
-  season five of the crown
-  season three of the witcher (vidangel)
-  season three of no demo reno
-  allllllllll the football

+  people who get so pressed about how/when others celebrate/decorate for the holidays should probably just get off the internet. 🤷🏼‍♀️

+  my favorite photos to take lately are artsy, slightly blurry candids. 

+  advent starts next sunday + this is the book i will be reading


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