H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  we celebrated my birthday / labor day at grand lake in oklahoma at the beginning of the month. we took a boat out on the lake + ate delicious food + had a great time!  🛥

+  i held the sweetest baby until the late hours of the evening, while her parents hung out with the boys + i. this friendship is an answer to my prayer!

+  chick-fil-a's honey pimento chicken sandwich is SO GOOD. 🧀

+  we attended the wedding of church friends. it was a beautiful ceremony. i love weddings so much! (ironic, given i did not have a wedding, but it is what it is.) 

+  the boys had plans one night, so i took myself out on a solo date: chickfila, dutch bros iced chai, bible study in a random parking lot. it was actually the best night.

+  i started phylicia masonheimer's leviticus bible study. it is worth every penny!

+  i cannot share all the details yet, but i have been given an incredible opportunity. it is all by the grace + provision of God. Jehovah Jireh

  B O O K S :  
-  strangely bright - 5 stars!  

i have had three books on hold at the library for weeks (even months!). i had a few opportunities to buy the books, but i passed - knowing the library is free. this is a small sacrifice i make, partly due to our financial circumstances + partly due to the fact that i don't need shelves of books i haven't read. 

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
cruising on the lake with my family  •  chick-fil-a's honey pimento chicken sandwich  •  friday evening coffee, with friends!  •  coffee, cuddles, + crumbl 🍪 •  sunflower-lined highways  •  the coming of autumn  •  the Gospel   

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  it's one thing to be sorry; it's another thing to be aware. we should teach our kids to apologize when they accidentally hurt someone, but we should also teach our kids to be aware of those around them as well. 

+  in regards to james 4:3 - realign my wants + desires to that of Christ. transform my wants, Lord!

+  people outside of my close friends + family should not know my opinion on certain topics. i’m not even taking about biblical truth; it’s the hot-button issues of child rearing or politics or whatever is popular at the moment that is meant to divide us. having an opinion is fine, but when that opinion is held above people, it’s time to reevaluate your heart. 

+  most fiction novel i read are secular. i read one in particular recently that was veryyyy secular. it gave me lots of thoughts. (shocker!) on one hand, it was such a creative book. the premise of the story was intriguing + i loved the originality. but i was reminded of the discernment we must use when consuming secular content. this book did not meet my threshold to DNF. (like when i started reading the fourth wing, i knew i had to DNF. i saw a tiktok where it had one particular curse word 76 times. SEVENTY-SIX TIMES! i really wanted to read that book - it was a new (to me) genre + everyone was raving about it. but i had to listen to the Spirit. i'm so glad i did!)  

+  i do not follow celebrity culture like i used to. this isn't some holier-than-thou revelation from the Lord; it has simply been a gradual, natural process; a byproduct of the last year of my life, and i like where i am with it. but i will say the only reason i am happy taylor swift + travis kelce are dating is because now we can get some love songs! (i still have complicated feelings about her, but that's a post for another day, lol) 

+  anything that pushes me to the feet of Jesus is a blessing.


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