may 25, 2023


another list of random things from today:

•  i worked a half-day because i just needed the rest. this sickness is so weird; one minute, i'm fine - the next, i can barely walk. i had a mild fever today, and i am glad my work was so understanding.

•  and if you're thinking, "all workplaces should be understanding of sickness!" - HA. at a previous job, my manager was catching me up on some clients, and - verbatim - said, "well this is why missing work is not great." 😐

•  one of my favorite things about working from home is sending GIFs to my coworkers through teams. i put way too much thought in selecting the perfect GIF for the situation at hand. 

•  i started reading the locked door. here the thing about mcfadden’s books: if you’re in a reading rut, they are great at helping you breeze through a book. but i’m on my fourth one in two weeks, and i think i need a break after this one. 😂


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