MAY 2023


  H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  we began the month with our week-long trip: 
-  first stop: robbers cave state park. we stayed in a yurt.
-  second stop: waco, texas. (aka: the silos). 
-  third + last-minute stop: galveston, texas

+  i celebrated mother's day with sweet gifts from my boys + panera for lunch. i read + sipped a latte while it rained in the afternoon. it was the most delightful of days. (which then ended with jackson spiking a 103º, because of course.)

+  jackson was sick for almost a week, but it also coincided with the release of the new zelda game, so the boys played while i sat next to them on the couch + read a book. it was a fun week. 

+  jackson lost his first tooth!

+  the invasion of miller moths. 😂

+  i was sick for the last part of the month. thankfully i could work from home.

+  i blogged every day in may

  B O O K S :  
-  the inmate - 3 stars
-  happy place - 3.5 stars
-  the locked door - 3 stars 

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
•  a book in one hand, a latte in the other, cozied up in bed, while the rain pours out the window  •  homemade whipped cream  •  may flowers 🌺  •   trader joe's onion crunch  •  jalapeño + garlic stuffed olives  •  summer reading  •    

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  i never, ever want to drive thru dallas or houston ever again. how do people actually live there?!

+  ". . . let my theology be dictated by the bible, not by my own preferences." kelly needham.

+  there was a graphic floating around socials on mother’s day. it included all the types of mothers to celebrate. some included on the list were for those walking through infertility or miscarriage (rightfully so). but there were 2 listed that i absolutely scoffed at: dog moms + women who choose not to be moms. we live in an absolutely deranged society, where definitions of basic principles are no longer definite. 

+  "love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."

+  the smell of honeysuckle feels like coming home.

+  the reason we only turn to God when our circumstances are hard is because we are trusting in our circumstances when life is good.



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