monday night was literally the perfect weather night: 82ΒΊ + no wind! i sat on the pergola + read + wrote my march newsletter. i wore shorts + sipped a decaf iced caramel macchiato. what a beautiful blessing! (but seriously - there was no wind. in kansas. in april. hallelujah!) 

there is a new app called lemon8. it is basically like if instagram + pinterest had a baby. i downloaded it this week (because of course i did, lolz). i went through three stages with this app: curious > ew > like. the "ew" stage almost made me delete the app, but i'm glad i didn't. you have to get past all the influencers who are trying too hard. while most people are using it to create content, i'm just using it to create. that's it. my creativity has been nonexistent lately, and this has been a breath of fresh air. 

He is risen! ✝️


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