weekly musings: feb 6 - feb 12


+  i started reading women of the word by jen wilkin. 

+  the boys met me for a coffee date on friday afternoon. it was the best break from work. 

+  do you think those football players bring their phones with them on the field when they play? - jackson timothy, age 5

+  i don't know why i keep reading kate baer's poetry because it just leaves me annoyed. i need to find other contemporary poets who aren't angry feminists. 

+  i know i've said this before, but chilled cake is the best cake. 🍰

+  this was a hard week. sometimes the only prayer i could muster was "help, Lord." He is faithful + i know He is with us.

+  i want some examples from costco! (samples) - jackson 

+  i recently started using cream blush, and i am a fan! i have used powder blush since i started wearing makeup in high school, so this was a big change, but i love it! i use a blending brush to apply it to my cheeks.

+ GO CHIEFS! ❤️💛 

+ best super bowl commercial goes to ben affleck. 😂


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