weekly musings: jan 23 - jan 29

+  i read celebrities for Jesus in one day (on audio). it was a surprising read, admittedly so because i have seen some of the author's tweets before, so i had what i thought was an idea of the book's content: trendy buzzwords + underlying hatred for evangelicals/the church/etc. while there were *some* of those things, the author didn’t camp out + rage with passive aggressive rhetoric. it was actually refreshing! i have thought about this book all week + couldn’t wait to talk to jared about its subject matter. 

+  after almost five years of consistently posting a “currently” post to my IG stories, i decided to stop. this is not big news. it is simply a reminder that there is a time + place for everything, including creativity. 

+  we started watching the chosen. i was skeptical, mostly because christian movies + tv shows can be painfully cheesy. so far, we are enjoying the show + i have cried at every episode. 😂

+  i read pray confidently + consistently by valerie woerner (on audio). file this under “books that met me at just the right time”. 

+  eight years ago this week, i received a message on a dating app that said, “99% match is pretty good”. ❤️

+  i read ten words to live by. jen wilkin delivered such a solid, biblical book! 

+  this week's memory verse:  "therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."  [hebrews 12:1]


finishing 3 really good books (all non-fiction!)  •  eating a lemon cupcake crumbl cookie while sipping coffee + watching rings of power with my boys  •  watching the beautiful snowfall from my cubicle window  •  working a puzzle with jackson  •  homemade maple lattes  •  a much-needed social media break this week 


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