6 favorite books of 2022.


-  textbook - amy krouse rosenthal 

this was my favorite read of the year. it is such a creative book! i devoured each page with excitement. it spawned creativity in my own life + i am thankful this book exists.

-  encyclopedia of an ordinary life - amy krouse rosenthal 

two of my top books of the year are by the same author! this is amy's second nonfiction book. it's just as good as the first. like textbook, it is creative + inspiring. as someone who loves to document every part of my life, i found this to be incredible detailed + beautiful. i bought both of her books immediately after i finished the first one. amy died of cancer several years ago, but i am thankful for her art.

-  nora goes off script - annabel monaghan

i am not a rom-com girl. i find most of those books to be porn for women. but this book? THIS BOOK. it was a cute + well-written. i enjoyed it so much! i was sad when it was over. 

-  falling - t.j. newman

this is every essence of a thriller/suspense book. never has a book been so intense that i had to sit up while reading it. i truly loved the thrill of it all. i read this on my kindle, but i imagine it would be a great audiobook as well.

-  sea of traquility - emily st john mandel 

as always, mandel writes such beautiful, poignant stories that leave me thinking on for days. i read most of this book outside, in the middle of spring, so that also added to the reading experience. this book might be my favorite of hers. 

-  heaven + nature sing - hannah anderson

this was my advent book for the christmas season. hannah's writing made me stop multiple times to re-read sentences over + over. her words are beautiful + encompass the advent season so beautifully. 

honorable mentions:

-  crossover - kwame alexander 
-  liturgy of the ordinary - tis harrison warren
-  cover story - susan rigetti 
-  carrie soto is back - taylor jenkins reid 

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