the weekly- april 4th - april 10th


i am trying out a new format + name for my weekly posts.
i used to recap each week with a series called the weekly.
we will see how long it lasts, lol.

this was a strange, long week.
we (okay, jared!) spent countless hours scouring the internet for a used car.
and we all know the used car market is ridiculous right now.
BUT we finally found one on saturday morning!
i am now the proud owner of a jeep patriot.
and we paid for it in cash, which neither of us have even been able to do.
praise the Lord!

one of our trees has the prettiest magenta blooms + it makes my heart so happy!

"turn my eyes from looking at worthless things;
and give me life in Your ways."
[psalm 119:37]

i finished finlay donovan is killing it on audio this week. 4.5 stars!  [affiliate links] 
i am currently reading clap when you land (novel in verse!) + it's just okay. 
my hold finally came in for the 3rd book in the inspector gamache series. v excited!


one of my goals for this quarter is to host friends in our home once a week.
we hosted twice this week!
i am learning how to be a good host in this process, which is a learning curve for this introvert.


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