i luv u.

all of our windows are open in the house right now.
it's a breezy seventy degrees.
i can see the sunset out my bedroom window.
there are about a dozen birds singing a sweet melody amongst themselves.

this feeling-
it is lovely. peaceful.


i have been working from home for a week now.
i cannot tell you how many times i have thanked the Lord for this.
i prayed + prayed over this for a week before i was told i could stay home + work.
i do not take one minute of it for granted.


we camped at the lake the last couple days.
they were probably the best two days we've had since everything started.
being in nature usually solves most problems.
it's where i feel closest to the Lord.

jackson played on the beach area at the lake.
not a beach, really.
it's kansas.

but there was sand.
and waves.
and it was beautiful.

as i drove home from the lake this morning, i noticed this tank.
or rather- what was written on it.
how many times have i driven by this?
dozens, probably.
for some reason, seeing that "i luv u" made me smile.

had i not been savoring the peaceful drive + my morning coffee, i would have missed it.
rushing around is not a part of life right now.
that is what slowing down will do.
what i once thought was important seems insignificant compared to the joy of the little things.

like a tank in a field on the side of the road, graffitied with a tiny love note.


i have never seen more people taking walks than as of late.
and i think it is wonderful.

i, too, take more walks.
jackson + i take a stroll around the block several times each week after dinner.

i also journal each day.
i pray more.

slowing down has made the little things become meaningful things.


this season of life has been a mixture of all the things.
but we have a choice in the matter.
and for me-
i choose joy.
a good cry, when needed.
an extra cup of coffee.
worship music.
spending most of the evening outside.
taking walks with jackson.
hugging jared a little longer.

all of the little things that are really the big things.


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