camping + dunkaroos + cashew butter

-  we went camping over the weekend. the weather was unseasonably warm for february, so we took full advantage. we had so much fun!

-  the chiefs won the super bowl! growing up, i cheered for the dallas cowboys. (still do.) now that i've lived in kansas long enough, i feel like it's okay to cheer for the chiefs now.

-  i discovered a podcast that delivers short bits of news in fifteen minutes or less. if the news makes you break out in hives, then the newsworthy is a great, informative podcast without bias. (i never, ever thought that "news" + "unbiased" could be used in the same sentence, but here we are.) erica delivers bits of current news in quick tidbits - enough to keep up with what's going on, but not so much that you need to break out the cortisone for the hives.

-  these paleo donuts look delicious!

-  i finished another puzzle over the weekend.

-  we spend all of our sunday afternoon outside. no jacket. sunshine warming our skin. kids running around. pure delight.

-  why is dollar general so wonderful?

-  cashew butter is my new favorite thing.

-  does anyone remember dunkaroos?! i used to eat them all the time at my grandma gracie's house. there is so much nostalgia in that delicious cookie/frosting packet. i saw this post on instagram, and now i am so excited!

-  week five of my 2020 in photos.


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