other than that brief period four years ago when i decided i wanted to become a fashion blogger for the free clothes, i have never tried to become internet famous with this blog. i've networked and such, but my goal was never to become famous.

in august of 2015, i wrote a post for the series, monday truths. imagine to my surprise when it went viral on pinterest a month later. at the moment, it's been pinned over 80,000 times. what the what?! but here's the kicker: i didn't add my website source to the image. granted it is linked to my blog, but no credit on the actual image itself.

now i realize this is silly, but i'm not gonna lie, i kicked myself hard for not crediting my website on that image. GAH. but at the end of the day, this internet stuff is fun and all, but i can't take it with me when i leave this earth. God isn't going to look at my page views + follower counts and decide if i can enter His heavenly gates based on if i was insta-famous or not.

i used to get so caught up with how many followers i had. when i would lose one, it was like a shot to my heart (aka: my pride.) i actually wish that there were no follower counts, page views, likes, etc. how much more fun would it be to share an image on instagram or a status update on facebook just because? no forethought of how perfect it needs to be in order to garner likes that ultimately hold no value. i wish all of the social media giants would do away with likes + views + just keep comment sections. it would keep things less autonomic (mindless scrolling + liking) and more personal + authentic.

i've changed my approach to social media a lot since last year's election. thank the Lord for the mute button on facebook! here's the thing: it's okay to unfollow someone on social media. whether they post too frequently for my taste, their content is too brash, or i simply don't feel inspired by their posts anymore, IT'S OKAY to remove that junk from my timelines. i still like them as a person, just not their social media presence. some people take this personally, but i've discovered that what fills my social media feeds fills my thoughts.

i've started following more people on twitter who force me to think outside my little box. i think it's necessary to always be learning, especially in today's society of fake news + clickable headlines. while i won't compromise on my faith + beliefs, i still want to be love to those who believe differently than i do.

what are your thoughts on social media these days?
who are your social media favorites?


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