November 9, 2017

-  after years of searching, i finally found the perfect black ankle boot. i have clicked on every single article from fashion bloggers who claim to have found the "perfect" ankle boot - only to discover, like always, it's the same story: the boot actually comes up higher than one's ankle, making it a shin boot. when i tried these on at kohl's, i swear i heard angels singing, y'all.

-  postpartum hair loss is no joke. i'm shedding worse than our golden retriever right now.

-  there are dino emojis now, and it makes me so happy. i developed this newfound fascination with dinosaurs once we found out jackson was a boy.

-  there is a new poll on my insta-stories. this week is awesome for two reasons:  one: it's all about 90s disney movies + there are TWO polls!

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