PREGNANCY: weeks 1-10.

8 weeks, 1 day

WEEKS 1 - 5:

cravings:  nothing at the moment. 

there really isn't anything to document here. i had cramps nearly from the beginning, but showed no other symptoms other than a late cycle, which is totally normal for me.


cravings:  all the pintos + cheese. every moment of each day.

after three positive home pregnancy tests, it was confirmed by my doctor that i was indeed with child! though we couldn't see the baby, my awesome doctor did an ultrasound that showed the sac where the baby was.


cravings:   rice + beans. watermelon jolly ranchers. suckers.

the first trimester exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks this week. the nausea started around lunch and lasted until dinner. and i thought i knew what tired was - NO. i did not. by the early afternoon, i needed a nap. i would go home and have no energy to do anything. our home was not the cleanest for the next few weeks. food aversions also started around week seven. i never imagined the thought of food could make me nauseous.


cravings:  rice + beans. [my child may come out speaking spanish.]

i was a little scared this week. my nausea suddenly went away. i was so worried that this was a bad sign. everything was totally fine. every mama who was totally sick will not want to hear this, but my nausea only lasted for a few weeks. and even then, it wasn't bad. i just felt icky. i never had to stand over the toilet or anything like that.

we also had our second appointment with our doctor. when i saw our baby on the ultrasound screen, it finally became real! and then he let us listen to the heartbeat [175]. cue all the tears. what a surreal moment.


cravings:  give me all the baked potatoes in the world.

still tired all. the. time.

WEEK 10:

cravings:  baked potatoes.

the exhaustion has let up just a little. still no nausea, but food aversions are still prevalent. i am not ashamed to admit that i bought a pair of maternity jeans this week. i haven't outgrown my other pants, but i just really wanted the pair i found at old navy. haha!

we announced to the [social media] world about our sweet babe this week. a little earlier than i wanted, but there's a sweet/funny story as to why.

we wanted our pastors to know before we told everyone and their dog, so we waited until after service when most of the congregation had left. we walked up to our senior pastor and told him. he was so excited that he pulled his wife from the conversation she was having and had us tell her the wonderful news. she threw her hands in the air and squealed. this all happened a little louder than we expected, so the ten people who were still talking around us figured it out by all the excitement. we decided to announce early because i really didn't want someone to slip up on facebook. [silly, i know. but it's my news!]     

[the rest of the weeks will have their own post since i'm currently eleven weeks.]


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