a month in review // march twenty-sixteen


-  spring is here!
-  i drank so much lemonade this month.
-  blooms at the mall.
-  i also ate so much pineapple fro-yo.
-  pretty flowers from hubs.
-  saturday morning coffee with my man.
-  my heart could burst at all these blooms around wichita.
-  i'm dreaming of a white . . . easter?
-  beautiful tulips.


-  the first saturday of the month was so lovely. we slept in, went for breakfast and coffee at verita, walked around botanica (those blooms - be still, my soul!), drank lots of lemonade, relaxed with the windows open in the house, shopped, drank more coffee, grilled out delicious chicken, and went out for frozen yogurt. it was a delight.

-  we took a short camping trip to marion lake. a couple friends joined us for hotdogs, a campfire, and good conversation.

-  after months of talking about cutting my hair, i finally took the leap. i had four inches cut off. it feels soooooo good to have that dead weight off the ends.

-  took a day trip to kansas city. we shopped and ate delicious food and watched a movie. on the drive up there, i jammed to 90s tunes the whole way. it was a delightful day.

-  we celebrated one year of marriage! one year of love and adventures and laughs and tears and memories and lots of coffee. marrying jared will always be one of the best decisions i'll make in this life.


-  thoughts on fuller house: A) ahhhhhmazing. the cheeky references to full house, the beloved characters - i love it all!  B) the kid who plays dj's middle child is SO PERFECT. he is so cute and funny and i just want to squeeze his cheeks. C) can we have season two like yesterday already?

-  pineapple fro-yo is everything.

-  if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed my posts have been more frequent as of late. i went through this time where i struggled with curating a cohesive feed. on one hand, i think there is nothing wrong with having an aesthetically pleasing feed. but i started to compare my art to other accounts and felt i didn't measure up. i constantly monitored my number and followers; each getting less and less as the days went on.

-  i need Jesus. i need Him in the highs and lows and in between. i need Him every day of the week that ends with Y. with every inhale and exhale, i need Him.

-  the voice is one million times better than american idol. when brian nhira sang Jesus loves me, i sobbed big tears. it was so, so beautiful. [jump to 3:56 of the video]

-  i can have ideas of what things/people/situations should be. but when i try to assert my control, i rob myself of the joy in learning from it. trying to will something to my preconceived notions only ends in disappointment. i'm learning to sit back and be teachable in those moments.

-  i now know what an allen wrench is. ha!

-  now that i have been at my new job for almost four months, i realize how important color-coordination is for my work flow. i literally use every color of highlighter for certain tasks and clients and reminders and so on. question: are there other colors of highlighters beside the primary colors? i mean, why not make it pretty, right? :)


celebrate one year of marriage.

visit botanica.  if you follow me on instagram, you already know. i actually went twice this month. they will have extended hours starting next month, so i fully expect to make many more trips.

research and prepare the garden.  well, yes and no. i talked to my father-in-law about it for a few minutes. and i researched a couple flowers to plant. so mostly no.

read one book. nope. not that i didn't have time; i just didn't make the time.

powersheets for march.  maybe not to the extent that i initially wanted, but i at least filled out a few pages.


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