our engagement story.

nothing about jared and i's relationship has been conventional, which is ironic given our strong faith and morals. maybe it has something to do with our age and knowing what we want in life or maybe after waiting for one another for so long, God didn't want us to wait any longer. either way, our engagement was so special.

it started out as a normal saturday. we spent the majority of the day at his niece's birthday party. after everyone left, we made plans to grill out with his sister and her family, so we went to town to get some steaks. on our way in town, jared told me he wanted to buy me a ring. that day. right then. [i told you - unconventional!] we had been talking about getting married and everyone kept asking where the ring was, so he wanted to make it official.

after we found the prettiest ring of all, we made our way back to his sister's house to eat. he told me that i would have the ring by the end of the weekend, so i was all eeeeeekkkk!

after dinner, jared and i went back to his parents' house to chill for a little while. he was sitting on the bed and i sat down next to him. he started telling me all these sweet things, making me melt into a big puddle of mush. he had the ring in his hand and then said, "this ring is like my heart. i'm giving it to you to have. forever. amber, will you marry me?" and of course i said YES!

the following days were spent staring at that gorgeous ring. i started making plans to move to wichita over the next couple of weeks. in the midst of moving, jared and i discussed wedding plans and dates and venues and all the details in between. we were both a little overwhelmed by the ridiculous cost of every little thing. 

we joked about eloping in vegas a few times.  
. . . but that would be crazy, right?!



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