one month of marriage + #morethanaframe + joy

there is a great new community blossoming. the hearts behind #morethanaframe [amber + cassie] came together with the idea of community and invited us to become part of it. i have this thing about instagram communities: I LOVE THEM. connecting with women all over the world makes my heart happy. this week's theme is JOY. guys, i'm "joyfulamber" on social media, so this is obviously screaming my name. literally. 

it has been a month since jared and i got married. what a whirlwind my life has been! 

[that's an understatement, y'all. i met him in january. got engaged in mid-march and married him two weeks later. 
oh, and i moved two and a half hours away to a new city and a new state the day before we eloped in vegas. WHAT the WHAT?]

through all the crazy and unknown and excitement, i have this certain joy that isn't some fickle emotion dependent on circumstances or situations; it's a deep, quiet [and sometimes beautiful, wildly loud] confidence in Jesus. 

in who He is. in what He has done. in what He is doing. in what He will do. 


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